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Roofing Upgrade Special

FREE shingle upgrade to GAF Timberline Lifetime High Definition Shingles, by Quality Roofing and Contracting is true value!

Why Upgrade?

Gaf Lifetime High Definition Shingles can represent 40% or more of your home's "curb appeal!" Nine out of ten female customers will recommend these shingles - no wonder they are the #1 selling shingle in all of North America!

Benefits of Upgrading

  • Custom-designed color palette (they don't compromise on style!)
  • Extra-dimensional: the look has more color variation to it and they are designed to look almost 3D
  • Considered "High Performance" so they will last for a very long time. We at Quality Roofing and Contracting trust that they will last longer than their competition shingle manufacturers.
  • VERY well-priced considering the quality - that means value
  • Made in America
  • Peace of mind


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