Hail & Wind Damage

Roof Repair from Hail in Houston, Texas

Home that was fixed by our roof repair from hail in Bryan/College Station

    Storms over the past year have produced a lot of wind and hail damage to many of the roofs in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas.
    Everyone knows that wind and hail can lead to your insurance company agreeing to replace your roof. What we have learned from experience, is that many times people fail to notice wind or hail damage. We want you to know that insurance companies will often cover hail or wind damage that is not even noticeable when viewed from the ground.
    In terms of hail, insurance companies usually consider damage to be just the smallest dent in your shingle. Sometimes the insurance will count tiny imperfections as damage even if you cannot feel any defect to the shingle at all. New roofs can be approved for replacement, but ten years old roofs are more susceptible to this type of damage. We have had great luck with very old roofs also, partially due to the using the correct verbiage with the insurance adjusters.
    Whatever the age of your roof or the extent of the damage, when there is hail in your area, it is a great opportunity to get your roof replaced at a fraction of the cost with the help of your homeowners insurance.
    We would like to help you determine the extent of the damage to the roof of your home or business because, even if the hail was only marble-sized,

it still makes sense to have your roof checked for hail damage. Marble-sized hail from today can cause leaks even 2 or 3 years from now.
    Call today to schedule one of our experts to come and give you a free, no-obligation roof inspection to see if you need roof repair from hail in Houston, Texas.

Remember to only trust a local company that will be here if you need them in the future. Don’t hesitate. Call us now. Just tell us what you need or want.
We always deliver.

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