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What "Quality Roofing Cares" Means

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Quality Roofing and Contracting is thankful for our communities that we are in. We know that we would not be in business today without the support of our customers. 

We care deeply about the service we provide from the moment you visit our website, and from that day forward. We appreciate you and we refuse to be second rate in our service. This requires a lot of dedication from our sales reps. Then from our installers we make sure your house and the area around it is neat when we are through and our workers are respectful.

We care about the local economy. We always try to hire locally, we would love to hire vets, and you can count on all our employees are safe and drug-free. We care about our employees by making sure we are continually training them in safety. We offer them benefits that help their families. We consistently train our sales reps on how to do the best thing for the customer and how to make the whole process as smooth as possible. 

In appreciation of our customers, and local communities, Quality Roofing and Contracting requires that all of its employees do a minimum of 5 hours of community service per quarter. We realize that there are lots of people to help, and we do not want to forget that we all have a responsibility to help in this world